Sunday, 12 December 2010

Beautiful Christmas Things

 Have you got your decorations up yet? I've been looking for inspiration and found some truly beautiful displays, DIY's and trees on some of my very favourite blogs...
Holly Sarah for SmileandWave
This sweet tree belongs to Holly Sarah who writes her own blog, Create Loves. I actually saw the tree on SmileandWave, where Rachel is running lots of adorable home decor posts for the holidays, and there's a sweet DIY for tree flowers. I've always loved white trees, they look so fresh and modern!

Glitter Bangle DIY by igobykatie
Squeee! Couldn't believe it when I saw these awesome bangles by Katie, her blog is super stylish and interesting, and I love all the unusual photography she talks about. I remember having a purple glitter bangle just like this when I was younger, and I've been trying to hunt down some vinyl tubing to make some from her DIY.

Vintage Tree by Elsie Flannigan of ABeautifulMess
I know I go on about her all the time, but I seriously love everything Elsie does. This tree would look ridiculous in my messy flat, but in her Springfield home it just looks so cute and classy - so jealous of her adorable style, and how amazing are those yellow walls?

Danielle Thompsons decor from last year...seriously, have you seen anything more gorgeous?
Sometimes, you see a home online and you just think, stuff it, I want to move in there. That's how I feel about Danielle Thompsons home, I love the details and the incredible way she creates things herself that look expensive and designer. That wreath is all kinds of amazing! I'll confess, I haven't got our decorations up yet...I had all these crazy ideas for giant paper chains and cute wreathes...but I just haven't done it yet, and time is ticking on! I'll have to get onto it first thing on Monday, as we have relatives visiting on Friday, arrgg!

Would love to see *your* holiday decorations! I'm also on the look out for no-bake Christmas treats x

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Anonymous said...

adore all the bloggers your mentioned and such greay DIY ideas!

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