Friday, 5 November 2010

Workspace Tour

A little sweet workspace tour for a cold and windy Friday morning...

This super old and chipped glass table sits in the corner of our living room, piled high with supplies and books and cuttings and magazines and empty bottles of coke...and my beautiful sewing machine that I love with all of my heart...

Husqvarna 95 with a extension table and millions and millions of inherited bobbins and needles. I *still* haven't quite gotten the hang of it, I'm working on a few quilts and a cushion but it's a slow learning curve for someone who has only ever sewed on an antique hand-turned sewing machine with one stitch type!

My tissue paper poms...I did have more but people kept stealing them and now I only have two. I got my tutorial from here at SmileandWave, there are millions available online and they are super easy to make, each one just takes a few short minutes. I want a whole garland strung up over my table. In the background you can see a cute display that I thrifted from a 'Free Car Boot Sale' where people take along stuff they don't want and then they can choose two new-to-them things to take away. I got this and a yellow vase which broke in the car on the way home. I've filled it with pots of glitter and tiny animal ornaments and a mini globe.

Yes, my obsession with blackboard paint continues into my home. The postcards are from the Natural History Museum and are accurate photos of gemstones. I try to come up with 5 goals every day. Usually one of them is 'Get properly dressed.' We have another blackboard painted on a cupboard lower down for my little one to draw on, although he still draws on my bedroom walls. In pen.

Have you posted a picture of your workspace recently? I'd love to see it, don't be scared to say hi in the comments and link me to your blog, I'm always on the look out for fun new blogs to read!

Katie x


choco.pop said...

Haha, my kids loves to write on the walls too, you're not alone ;_;
I love it when artist share their workspace, I would like to show mine today, but first I need one xD Yours is lovely btw~
I enjoy reading your blog a lot ^^ you make such wonderful things!

Hugs, and have a nice day~

choco.pop said...

When I said "today" I meant "someday" /englishfail

bleh xD

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