Monday, 15 November 2010

Fun News

Have you had a beautifully perfect weekend? It's so bright and clear ad cold and crisp here, the perfect weather for Disney films and sewing :-)

I did a craft fair on Saturday, it was a bit of a disaster all round really, the lights that I bought were the wrong colour (red instead of blue), my tablecloth didn't quite fit my table, and it was very, very quiet. I tried to maintain a positive attitude throughout the day though, and did manage to recoup the cost of my stall, plus a little extra for cakes and coffees.

Anyway, my *big* announcement that I have been keeping a secret for a few weeks is...

I'm featured on PapernStitch! If you haven't heard of it, it's a great website run by Brittni who also writes a fab craft blog. The site showcases different handmade talent every few weeks, and links direct to your shop. I'm hoping as it's coming up to Christmas that this is going to be really fabulous for twinklyspangle!

My 'Sew Pretty' necklace in green is currently showing under 'New and Notable' on the front page, but I think she switches things around daily. I'm looking forward to this week :-)

Katie x

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