Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Etsy Holiday Boot Camp *Week 3*

I read this article on 6 Secrets Of Success for my Etsy Bootcamp homework and just found it so inspiring...Here is how I am going to embrace each Secret..

Be You

Express yourself with a Blackboard Heart Pendant - $18.48 / £11.97

Sometimes I find it hard to be myself. I don't feel like people in my 'real' world will accept me for the person that I am underneath my mask. My family expect me to be a certain way, and often, so does my partner. I can be myself online - and that part of me is growing so much - and hopefully that will lead to me being myself offline more.

Trust Your Compass

Point Me In The Right Direction Print by Winterberrycottage

I think anyone who works in a creative field needs to be able to trust their instincts. I've been making jewellery for three years and it's only just now that I am starting to learn whether an idea is worth creating or not. Sometimes I let something knock around in my head for ages before I actually sit down and make it...maybe because I am scared it will fail and I will lose my confidence again. I must learn to take more risks.

Embrace The Optimist

Happy Blender Cross Stitch Pattern by Andwabisabi

I am always optimistic about craft fairs, but I do not wake up every morning thinking, 'I'm going to sell loads on Etsy today' I think because there have been (quite a few) days where I haven't sold anything, and it's hard to keep positive...Michelle Ward talks about always taking positive lessons out of things that go wrong (and she says 'crapballs' which is my new favourite thing to say). How can I embrace this? I guess by waking up every morning and saying 'I WILL make sales today' would be a good start!

Know What You Need And Get It

A Sweet View Print by AmeliaKayPhotography

Mostly I want cake. Second to cake I want my child to be happy. After that, I want to be a successful Etsy seller. I want a successful website of my own. Now that I have been made redundant, it's my chance to follow my dream of crafting and designing full time, well, as much full time as you can do with a grumpy toddler...I just want noone to say I should get a 'real' job

Surround Yourself With Love

Hand Sewn Sew Lovely Necklace -$15.42 / £10.02

This is a hard one for me. Sometimes I feel a bit lonely. 'Crafting' isn't really something that anyone in my life understands or gets. I don't have a group of crafty friends, and I sometimes feel that I do not have anyone to share my successes or triumphs with. When I was in Etsy finds recently, I wanted badly to tell someone, but there wasn't anyone to tell who would share my enthusiasm. So I can focus on surrounding myself with beautiful inspiring things. I started by redoing my whole craft area, putting up shelves and ordering some adorable prints to inspire me when I'm working.

Enjoy Where You Are

You Are Here Now Print by Farouche

I am enjoying my time now - I am enjoying not have a routine I have to stick to, to be able to pop to the post office or spend an hour doing some research or rifling through vintage sewing patterns or books...I am enjoying making some spending money from something I love to do...I am enjoying spending my days with a small, happy little man. I am enjoying now.

I feel so inspired after thinking about each of these secrets, thank you to Michelle Ward for her wonderful insights and positive, uplifting article.

Katie x


Brenda's Jewelry Box said...

I say "Good For You!!" I read her article and it really inspired me too. Thanks for sharing! :)

Danielle said...

Oh, I had tears in my eyes more than once reading this post! Have you thought about joining an Etsy Team? That's where I found my core group of crafty friends!

Silverlight said...

Wow. Great post, Twinklyspangle.

I've found some fellow crafty people via my blog, via Twitter, and through other handmade goods websites. I started just by saying something like, 'Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I really like your work and wish you all the best with your art'. Sometimes the sellers would reply and we'd strike up a conversation.
We don't have to talk much; I find that just *knowing* that there are other artists out there who deal with the same stuff that I do is reassuring and encouraging.
Otherwise things can start to feel very oppressive when everyone around you thinks that you should get a 'real job' (what exactly is a 'real job' supposed to be, anyway!?)

Just my two cents. :-) Again, great post.

Kim Nogueira said...

Hi Katie,
That's exactly how I feel! I get the blankest looks when I try to talk about my studio/ craft work. I was in Etsy finds too and I had no one to tell! I work with pmc quite a bit and one of my day jobs is in a gorgeous jewelery store (where I learned to solder) where the general attitude towards pmc is unfavorable. I feel like they are embarrassed by what I make.
I am also isolated geographically, so I loved Silverlight's suggestion of just sending a friendly email to fellow artists.
Just know that you are not alone, and your pieces are adorable!

Miss Mary Elliott said...

What a lovely honest post. I know exactly what you mean about the lonely feeling and the 'real' job stigma! Love your items :-) xx

jjfroggie said...

I'm quite impressed. Not only are you creating your own art. You also have created a blog AND an Etsy shop and are making income. All that while at the same time taking care of a toddler!!! I truly don't understand anyone who doesn't get that. I have a 7 year old and I know how much time investment that takes! You should be very proud of yourself. And maybe if you approach it as "I'm an artist" instead of "I make a craft", you can get more validation, or feel better about what you do. Because you ARE an artist!

Keep it up!! And congratulations on being in Etsy finds!!!

Natalie said...

Wow, I so know how you feel! I, too, struggle with being myself and having confidence in talking about what I do for a living. I know I have to take it seriously before anyone else will! Thanks for sharing! Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

I like the name Twinklyspangle, number one, and what you have to say...as number two! Thx for the inspiration.


Joanne said...

What a wonderful article! You have a real way of reaching into the reader's heart with your stories. I have bookmarked you to read more. Thanks so much!

P.S. If you want to share your exciting feelings on a craft you can email me...I'll cheer you on!

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