Tuesday, 10 August 2010

♥ Big News! ♥

Phew, what a long and productive day I've had. I have some great news for twinklyspangle jewellery! Back in March I shut my Etsy shop. Things were getting on top of me, I was struggling to maintain the shops, my website, being Mummy to an increasinly demanding toddler and working full time. I even found that I wasn't able to fulfil orders. So I closed my website and my Etsy shop, and kept my Folksy shop just ticking over.

Now I've been made redundant and almost certainly won't be going back to work even part time until January, I've taken the desicion to work super hard on designing and making jewellery. (I'm not really one of those people who can do nothing all day!)

So, I've reopened my Etsy shop! You can visit me here. I'm really looking forward to getting involved in the Etsy community again and learning about some of the new features.

I've spent most of the day filling up my Etsy shop. I've added all my India Hoops collection, Ladybird and Skyla necklaces and rings, and a whole new pink & bronze filigree range!

Left to Right from Top Row...{clickable links takes you directly to shop}
  • Bow Filigree Ring - Etsy / Folksy
  • Heart Filigree Necklace - Etsy / Folksy
  • Back of ring (cute adjustable antiqued bronze ring base)
  • Selection of sweet necklaces
  • Cluster of cute rings
  • Bow Filigree Necklace - Etsy / Folksy
  • Flower Filigree Ring - Etsy / Folksy
  • Flower Filigree Necklace - Etsy / Folksy
  • Heart Filigree Ring - Etsy / Folksy

Also another new addition to both shops is this Super-Awesome Tic Tac Toe necklace. I only have a couple of these right now. I listed earlier today and it's sold out on Folksy already! So that was a fun boost to a busy, busy day. That means I just have one left for sale right now on Etsy.

{Clickable link takes you straight to my Etsy shop}

Tic Tac Toe Necklace on long goldtone chain - $10 (£6.51)

So that is all my fun news for the day! I'm so happy to have listed lots of new bits in both shops, I've been working solidly for 11 hours now and I'm pooped, I'm going to snuggle up with a huge pile of mayonnaisey potato wedges and an episode of Lost...night night!

Have a productive day for yourself...

Katie x

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