Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Fun things that I did...

Here are some other fun things that happened to me this past weekend;

Peering into Robbie Williams' back garden...he lives in Compton Bassett, just near to where my Dad lives. Compton Bassett is a really good UFO-spotting area, but I heard lovely Robbie wants to move as there is a waste disposal plant very close that makes the house a bit whiffy! This is a photo taken just outside his gate, I was tempted to ring the bell and throw myself into his waiting arms. But I didn't. Of course.

Buying fabric at Cloth Of Gold - they do the cutest fat quarters for embroidery! I did some embroidery on the long coach trip back to my town on Monday...I got some fabulous stuff done this week and I'm really *super* excited about a new range of cards and jewellery that I am going to be launching in various venues towards the end of the summer ;-) I'll let you know more details when I can but it is a really very exciting thing for me right now!
Have a beautiful day,
Katie x

1 comment:

Michelle said...

wonderful photos and can't wait to see your finished product on that embroidery!

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