Monday, 19 July 2010

Disjointed week....

Hi there :-)

It's a funny week. I've come to stay at my parents to regroup. Things home right now. Ramsey and I are having a lovely week in the Wiltshire countryside to collect our thoughts.
He gets spoilt by older generations and sometimes they give him too much cake and I get irritated. This is what he thinks about it:

I went for an amazing perfect homemade burger at a cute pub. They have all different condiment shakers. These are the ones my cousin and I had on this trip, last time we had VW camper vans...

I've been planning a new tattoo and I got it today. Gosh my back is burning right now. I'll post some pictures when the redness (and oozing, yum!) has gone down a little.

I had a few clear thoughts in the chair. Mainly about not getting further tattooed in that area (my kidneys) but also about what I want from my life. And it's not negativity.

I hope you are having a beautiful week, just as a side note I'll be starting to upload some fun new things to flickr now I have borrowed a camera. You can add me if you like. My name on there is twinklyspangle :-)

Katie x


Bigbluebed said...

I am glad you are having a good week.

And that your boy is getting lots of cake.


Jaime Leigh said...

The Tattoo is very lovely

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