Saturday, 10 April 2010

Running out of time...

I am running out of time to make a decision. Despite a lot of pressure from both sides of my family and an almost constant stream of advice, input and opinions from pretty much everyone I have ever met, I'm really struggling to make a decision about the move to Bordeaux. Although I hate this town with a passion, I think it was listed at the chavviest town in Britain by the Sun one year...I just don't seem to have the strength to make a choice that I'm sure will be the best thing for me. Having a child complicates things greatly. I don't want to hurt my partner by taking his son away from him and I don't want to hurt my son by being away from him.

So time is running out. I have a meeting on Thursday about possible relocation and where exactly I would live. Ideally I would have my son with me for son of the time in France and have him here for some of the time, but my family think that will be greatly disruptive to him, and upsetting. But he's quite a resilient little boy...does anyone have any pearls of wisdom for me? I'm so confused.

As a tribute to my dilemma I thought I would search for some "Time" themed lovelies on Folksy.
How cute is this adorable watch from Mozzypop Jewels? I love all the different coloured doughnuts, and it's a really great price for something that would have taken such a long time.

Rainbow Donut Watch by Mozzypop Jewels

My little boy can't get enough of fire engines. If he sees one when we are out in the car it's "Mummy! Mummy! Mummy! Look Mummy! Ne Naw! WOW!" and then I have to be just as excited. I love him so much that sometimes it actually hurts. I'm tempted to get him this cute clock by With Hugs And Kisses

Fire Engine Clock by WithHugsAndKisses

I've been trying to catch up with Lost, up until our Xbox gave up the ghost. I've got through all of Season 1 so far. This bracelet is so fun! I love JezebelCharms shop, I've literally spent a large part of morning browsing all her fantastic charm bracelets and other jewellery - you can tell a lot of effort goes into selecting charms for each piece that she creates.

LOST *Time Travel* Steampunk Charm Bracelet by Jezebel Charms

I love cute, brightly coloured prints, and this lovely tortoise sums up my mind right now! I'm being so slow about making my decision, and getting so worried about it, that maybe I should buy this print to remind me that "slow and steady wins the race..."

Print Of Tortie Painting by RachelCreative
There are so many lovely beautiful, fabulous things on Folksy! I'm so stressed about about everything that I have loads of pieces lying around at home half-finished. As soon as I sit down to try and create something my mind just starts going crazy. All I'm doing right now is looking after my son, sleeping and going to work. I can't relax and I can't think straight.

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