Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentines!

I don't know why I put that as the title as I'm one of those cynical "it's all a commercial ploy to get us to spend more money" kind of folks, but still. When in Rome and all that.

I've been struggling to get things done again recently as my laptop has finally died a (pornography induced) death. It's survived many an onslaught, including having all the keys picked off by a small angry toddler, having the screen cracked, drinks spilt, dropped twice. It couldn't withstand my partners horrendous porn habit though. You might think this is embarrassing for him. It's more embarrassing to have to explain to my Dad why he has to try and remotely access my harddrive to retrieve my photos, believe me.

Anyway. I currently cannot upload any photographs or access paypal. I'm writing this blog post from my work computer right now, which I'm not really meant to be doing, so I may have to sneak off in a second!

I have been working super hard on a new collection which I plan to launch on Monday 15th March. I'll be getting a new laptop the week before, so I'll work hard to get the whole line added onto my website and Etsy for that date. I'll also be running some fabulous promotions in the run up to the launch.

I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere with the new stuff I have been trying, so I went back to what got me making jewellery in the first place. You can expect some fun, gorgeously girly designs on the 15th of March. Follow me on Twitter to keep up to date!

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