Monday, 30 November 2009

Feeling Inspired after Handm@de!

Well, another success for the Handm@de team! Big thanks to Becci from momentsbymartha whose organisational skills yet again meant we all had a wonderfully successful day! 1300 people came through the door at the last count, and I had a lovely day with my next door neightbour, the adorable cloudhopping. Her fabulous crochet hats were FLYING off the shelves. Also worth a mention was beadsbysam's gorgeous little boy, just learning to crawl and so cute! I loved her long necklaces too. The usual faces were there as well, pennydog, who seemed to be doing a roaring trade, and quercussilver, who as usual was rather lovely and grumpy, and tried to persuade me to buy her bangles again, which I love every time I see them!

Hattastic had the most wonderful display, and I bought some great earrings from Lilley who made adorable stuff like this.

I feel a bit more inspired now, since the fair, and plan to really get down to making stuff for next weeks' Handm@de offering in Cambridge - the second one we are doing there this year. I have a plan for a Christmas decked with baubles filled with cute jewellery as gifts, but I need to get my wiggle on and order some baubles! Here are some photos of my display! I think it was alright, at the last few hours I moved the Bow Necklaces off the stand and onto the table, and they starting selling so I might not bother with the stands on Saturday.

I must also thank snapdragonbeads, whose husband drove me home through pouring rain and traffic, and now I've left my wallet in the back of their car, which was extremly stupid of me.

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