Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Where have I been?

This is good question. I haven't been very well. I went on holiday a few weeks ago to Devon - the night before we left I discovered I had a lump along jawline/neck area on the left side of my face. Panic ensues.

I rang NHS direct and they told me to go to the doctors immediately, but of course, we were leaving for Devon the next morning so I had to spend the whole holiday fiddling with the lump, worrying about the lump and talking about the lump. I think I annoyed everyone with my enthusiasm for lump-based conversation.

When we got back I went to the doctor straight away who said I had an issue with my lymph glands, this may have been contributing to my recent tiredness and lethargy. She put me on a very long, strong course of antibiotics, which is making me feel horrendous, really tired and miserable. I'm not sure if it is my imagination or not but I *think* the lump is going down slightly. I really, really hope so, because even though I smoke, the thought of having cancer is terrifying, and more so because of my little boy. I've been very upset about the situation. If the lump hasn't gone down in three weeks when the course ends (CAN I carry on feeling this sick for three more weeks?) I'll have to have a biopsy.

I'm not looking for sympathy, I just wanted everyone, especially my handm@de girlies, to know that I'm not just flaking out on twinklyspangle and craft fair stuff. There is a genuine reason behind my disappearance the last few weeks.

I'm also behind on my orders so I'm hoping to catch up with things and actually start making some new stuff next week. I have loads of ideas for new jewellery but some days I literally cannot get up out of bed, which is somewhat a hindrance to creativity.

So, if you are waiting for a twinklyspangle package, I'm really, sincerely, super-sorry and I hope you can understand that I haven't not sent it through spite or maliciousness, I just haven't been very well and will get things sorted asap.
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