Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Handm@de Promos

If you didn't already know, I'm part of a fab crew of girlies who organise craft fairs in big cities across the south. Our website is here: http://www.handmadecraftfairs.co.uk.

It's my job to collect promotional material for our famous goody bags - we have 200 at each fair given to the first 200 visitors (free!) This means that your promotional material will be put directly into the hands of people who are interested in, and want to buy, handmade stuff.

We'll accept:

Business cards, promotional badges, buttons or stickers, flyers, vouchers, cards, samples, postcards or anything else you have that promotes your business. Don't forget, think about what you might like to see in a goody bag - what would really catch your eye? A sample (earrings, a card, a tiny print or keyring...) is more likely to get people talking about your business than a busines cards, although they can be valuable too.

You can send them in up to the 26th of June - a maximum of 600 and a minimum of 1! (600 - 200 bags for the three craft fairs we have planned this year in Winchester, Oxford and Cambridge)

My address is:

Katie Strang
44 Jupiter Drive
Hemel Hempstead

I live in a secure block, so I'm not concerned that you will come round my house and rob me. Not least because I have very little of financial value. Unless you want a cat. I have a free cat going spare, He'll poo in your shoes and lick your babies toast but he is kind of cute.
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