Friday, 20 February 2009

New Earrings and Tizzalicious Studs

Firstly, Kitschensinkuk, the store I bought the shrink plastic from was WHSMITH. Those bastards! I can't be too annoyed though, because it did say in the instructions (VERBATIM!):

"You may not get a perfect result. In fact, this is a fun product not for professional use"

Great, well, thanks for saying that on the outside of the pack rather than inside so I didn't know until AFTER I bought two packs at 9.99 each.

I have some fun new earrings in a new style for twinklyspangle. I plan to stock many more of these in lots of colours, but for now, a yellow version is available in my Etsy shop, to see how well they go down:

They are glittery and really lightweight. If you want a special colour, contact me and let me know.
I also saw these today, by the lovely Tizzalicious. She makes really fun kitschy jewellery in many colours that I just adore. I saw these and they reminded me of Amsterdam (she is Dutch, I thinks) I wish I had them for my last trip there!!

1 comment:

Tizzalicious said...

Thank you for the sweet mention! :) I am Dutch indeed!

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