Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Cupcake Week Buzz!

So, the cupcakeyness is going well!

I've been working like a dog this week, trying to put together the daily cupcakes for posting on my flickr (which is probably the best place to see the latest creations!) and working full time and working on my new jewellery range, which I announced yesterday via twitter would be called 'Afternoon Tea'. It's based on cakes, strawberry jam, sparkly, girly accents and vintage brass - gorgeous, fun girly pieces that look great together or on their own! Right now, I have some fabulous charms on the drying rack that I'm going to turn into bracelets and pendants, some filigree brass cameos which will have long, dangly chains, and some sparkly elasticated bracelets. I'll be making some new earrings this week too, and will be releasing everything over the weekend in my Etsy, Folksy and website shops! There'll also be some fab exclusive pieces for the website, more about those tomorrow :)

So, I challenged myself to make a different cupcake every single day to get me in the Afternoon Tea mood! Here are the first part of the weeks bakery fabulousness!

Clockwise from top: vanilla with pink buttercream and sprinkles, white chocolate chunk with green fondant sweetie icing, lemon with hot pink icing & vanilla with white chocolate topping. I've just finished baking today's batch, and I'll take a photo of them tomorrow when it's light. They are mini chocolate cupcakes with chocolate & cherry topping - yum, my favourite yet. And yes, I probably will have to go to the gym next week (and for many more weeks) to work off all this cake I am consuming. But I need energy and sustenance for how busy I am right now!!
Keep an eye out, as tomorrow, along with the choccy cakes and the rcipe for some lovely cupcakes for you to make, I'll be showing a few sneak pieces of my brand new collection!


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