Sunday, 13 July 2008


Folksy is a brand-spanking new site for crafters to sell their wares from a UK standpoint. I think this puts us UK crafty types in a stronger position than before, as we have somewhere to purchase our wares under our own currency.

The thing is, I'm not sure that it's a great idea to split my selling up anymore over different websites. I did apply to Trunkt but was rejected, which dented my confidence slightly. I mean, at least four of my last Etsy sales have been Ukers. If they no longer bought from my Etsy site, I wouldn't be featured in Pounce, or the Time Machine on there, plus my sales total wouldn't go up. So I'm not sure. What I might do is use Folksy, but increase my prices slightly on there. I have been thinking of doing this anyway, but the extra work that it takes to maintain a whole extra selling site is definitely worth the extra 20p or so that I'm thinking of adding to my prices. Then, I can keep the Etsy prices low and hopefully still encourage sales there. Of course, all this will be pretty irrelevant when my website launches in September, but I still hope to use Etsy and Folksy to get my name out and about in the crafting community and also try out new prototypes of things to sell in batches.

I think that will work out fine. So, basically, if you decide to treat yourself something kitsch and colourful, it is definitely better to do via Etsy. Unless you fancy doing in via Folksy. See? I am all confused now.


Handmadewithamour said...

I understand what you say about not being sure of having several shops.
I do have an ETSY which I shamefully neglec, DAWANDA which is the one working for me , my own site and now FOLKSY.
I think I am going mad!!!!!! :D
Anyway is good to have as much exposure as possible.
About the prices I thought about increasing them too in FOlksy, but them I thought it is not fair on people, think of it as a little bit of advertasing they do for you , featuring your stuff on their front page from time to time.
I don't know, I might change idea and increase the prices later.

By the way, nice and bright work! very funky! I love it!

Handmadewithamour said...

oh my god, how many spelling errors!!!!! XD shame on my, I was just typing and not reading!

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