Sunday, 8 June 2008

Window Shopping

I feel a little like I am in some kind of black hole of space and time. Where is all my time going otherwise? It's Sunday afternoon and I haven't picked up a pair of pliers for days, it feels.

I have not had the crafty weekend that I wanted to have, but I will do next weekend, come hell or high water!

Meanwhile, I have been gazing enviously at some gorgeous pieces on Etsy. It's great to browse and see such a variety of stuff, but it's even better when you see something you would never have dreamed up but you wish you had. It's fab what comes out of people's minds and supplies. I just adore these:

The Tea Party Resin Pendant Necklace crafted by She makes a whole range of them, her stuff is so vibrant and her photos are fab too - I want to eat them!

I also just LOVE these, how much of a fab idea is this? I adore odd, crazy, fun stuff like this, so if anyone wants to buy me one, please go right ahead.

Lego Book with Build Your Own Cover created by Moonlightbindery. I can just imagine sitting at my desk at work (which is going fine, thanks for asking. I'm exhausted but pleased to get out of the house!) fiddling with the Lego pieces and being so, so happy!
I'm at work right now, as it goes. Updating my blog. How much of a coop is that? I'm also watching BBLB - Big Brother rules! It's super quiet today and I still have a good few hours to go.
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