Sunday, 4 May 2008

Knowledge On A Sunday

So, right, I made this necklace;

And when I was thinking what to call it, my very first necklace and all, I thought, "A Swarm Of Butterflies? Well that's a bit gross because 'swarm' reminds me of locusts." SO then I started thinking up other collective nouns that might work. I settled on Shoal, as in, a shoal of fish. But with butterflies. Well, it's cute word anyway! But, when I was adding the photos to my Flickr account (The link is on the left if you fancy checking it out!) I decided to check out Wikipedia for the true description of a collective of butterflies. There were three entries:

  • A Rabble Of Butterflies
  • A Rainbow Of Butterflies
  • A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

How cool is that? I wish I had known this before I settled on a name, although I love the word shoal. So, I feel like I learnt something today. Plus, these made me laugh:

  • A Rascal Of Boys
  • A Herd Of Faeries
  • A Corner Of Goths (how weird is that?!)
  • A Prickle Of Hedgehogs

1 comment:

debsmuddle said...

not sure I believe a prickle of hedghogs!

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