Thursday, 17 April 2008


I spent all day today making earrings!

First, I created this bunch of cuties:

I made so many of them, they rock! They are quite big and chunky, and I have been wearing a pair (obviously, I won't be selling that particular pair, that would just be gross!) I only got my ears pierced about two months ago - I'm honestly the biggest wimp going, but I'm just getting into the swing of wearing earrings. I can't wear danglers, because my little boy likes to grab at anything shiny and swinging, especially if it is attached to my face, so I figured, let's get some cute button studs going, and I can wear them to advertise my shop. See what I did there?

Then, I finally finished up my very first wholesale order. A whole bunch of cherrytastic, fruity, dangly earrings. Definitely my best seller so far!

Me and my boyfriend packaged them all up prettily;

There are bits of wire, glue, jumprings, stray beads, buttons and bits of chocolate (from where I munched 1000 kitkats - yay for dieting!) all over my front room, and I'm exhausted, but I feel like I have had another productive day. I'm off to list the new studs on Etsy now. I'll create a 10% off listing on them for any blog readers who convo me on Etsy saying "My name is ______ and once I spent a whole day pretending to be a squirrel"

Have a great evening!

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