Monday, 13 December 2010

Amazingly Awesome Bauble {DIY}

I'm so excited to share this fun DIY! It's really easy and amazing looking - let me know if you try it!

You will need:

Styrofoam ball
Clear faceted beads
Small sparkle beads
Wire cutters
Head pins
Glue (not shown)

Start from the very top of your ball, it will have an indentation. Slide a small bead and a big bead onto a headpin, chop off the end to leave a length of at least 2cm. You don't want it TOO long, as when you start covering your ball you'll find they bump into each other, but they need to be long enough to give a good grip.

Dip the end in glue and poke right into the ball.  I worked in a flower formation to keep the coverage even. It took about two hours, while watching a cheesy Christmas film, to cover the whole bauble. It's pretty impossible to count the beads now they are all the ball, but I would say around 50 of each size for a 5cm bauble.

When the entire ball is covered, glue a piece of ribbon or ricrak to the top and hang from your tree with pride!

I used PVA glue, but if you have little ones I would recommend a stronger craft glue to keep the beads in place.

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Facebook me if you have any questions about this DIY, or just want to say hi! HERE.

Have a beautiful day,

Katie x


Abbie said...

Wow! It looks brilliant! So festive, and so simple to make!

Anthea said...

oh that is stunning! No wonder you are so proud of it :) I have got all my decorations sorted for this year (visit my blog at to have a peeka) but I will definately be 'borrowing' this idea for next year :)

Anthea x Forest Flower

ashe mischief said...

Oh, these are SO darling! They'd look so pretty on a white tree with these little bits of color...

Jill said...

Wow! I would generally think styrofoam ball and plastic beads=cheap and tacky homemade, but this is totally fabulous. I had no idea how you made it, it just looked awesome. Thanks for sharing.

diamond engagement ring said...

Amazing work. Nice!

desiredthings said...

Absolutely stunning, thanks for showing it (desiredthings)

Anke said...

So pretty, thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial! I'll definitely try this and show you the results, until then: Greetings from Germany!

*gLiTteR on the floor* said...

These ornaments are really cute, but impossible to make. I bought the same materials and it doesn't work. It took me half an hour to stick 6 beads on. The pins don't just poke right into the foam you have to pound them in with a scissors. Then while you're trying to stick the other pins in the already pinned ones fall out. Wouldn't recommend trying this!

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic project to do with the children and grandchildren. They can also take them home with pride showing off what they did.

JoAnne said...

If you chop off the end of the pin how does it hold the bead on.

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