Sunday, 19 December 2010

♥ Initial Pendants

Are you ready for Christmas? We've have a variety of set backs this year, not least that our oven is broken so I haven't been able to do any Christmas baking, we won't be able to afford to replace it until the New Year. Luckily we have lots of family ready to accept us over the holidays! Then a whole load of snow fell yesterday and we got stuck in the car for an hour trying to get to the Post Office before the last post. Nevermind, I can face these challenges head on when I know that a yummy dinner and a few nice presents will be coming my way in a few days.

I received a *very* last minute custom order for some initial pendants that I thought you might like to see...

I actually ended up redoing the 'S' after I took this, I wasn't happy with the shape of it. I drew my own alphabet for these pendants on graph paper and I tested most of them out first, but the S just wasn't how I dreamed, so I've made it curlier at the ends and now it looks lovely.

I also whipped up these little puches so that the package would fit through the letterbox without chunky giftboxes. I think they are adorable and I plan to include them with all the initial pendants next year.

I'm dreaming of gingerbread houses and hot chocolate next

Katie x

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