Friday, 26 November 2010

Works In Progress

Have you been super-busy with lots of random tasks lately? I have. I spent the morning folding lots of origami boxes from recycled paper, and now I have a wholesale order ready to go! I thought I'd share some pics of some projects that I have on the go right now...

Trying out a new glaze on my 'Love Flowers' rings...not as shiny as my old one. I'm going to stick with what I know!

Luckily I had just enough to fulfil a small wholesale order, otherwise there would have been panic.

...and a just-for-fun project, I'm making a sweet cupcake cushion cover in pink. It will be my first big 'zipper installation' test!

Don't forget, it's Black Friday, so lots of your favourite sellers will be doing fab promotions. I'm offering a shopwide 15% discount, just type the coupon code' KOALA' at checkout.

Image via weheartit

It's my total dream to cuddle a koala...I don't even think we have them in zoos over here anymore, I think I saw one when I was very, very young at London Zoo, but they are not there any more :-(

Katie x


choco.pop said...

Haha, aw, koalas are love, and your work is so beautiful ♥
You're lucky to be so busy!
I hope you made tons of sales this weekend to keep you super busy~!


Talia said...

Gorgeous stuff as always Katie. Glad to see you're so busy!

At the moment I'm at the boring stage of creating my fabric origami items - cutting fabric! Can't wait for it to be done!

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