Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Project Positive Day 2

I have five amazing things that have happened to me to be grateful for in this post.

  • My blog, and a link to my shop, is featured in *this* article on Etsy. Wow!
  • I got an enquiry about a HUGE wholesale order...that if it comes off will make my Christmas amazing - incredible!
  • I was able to buy a new camera today - well, I exchanged my crappy Fujifilm one for a decent Kodak one. Woop!
  • I finished the patchwork part of my very first quilt...finally!
  • Daddy is coming home mid week to celebrate our little ones birthday tonight...which means I might get a lay in tomorrow :-)

I know a few people who are taking part in this fun little blogging project with me - what are *you* doing to be positive this week?

Katie x

1 comment:

SimJaTa said...

Great news Katie, so glad the positive is working for you.

Nothing earth shattering to share, only the positive thinking just now for me.

Lynda x

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