Sunday, 24 October 2010

Etsy Holiday Bootcamp *Week 5*

This weeks bootcamp's featured Adam Brauns 7 Key Life Lessons.

I loved them! This is how I will be tackling each on, both in my life and in my creative micro enterprise. (So glad I got to use that phrase again!)

1. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I *wish* this was my comfort zone! This adorable bedroom belongs to Danielle of Thompson Family Life. You can see more of her beautiful home on her blog *here* and visit her website for fun digital downloads *here*

Behind my computer, lying in my bed is my comfort zone. I find it super hard to get out there and pimp my products. I'd love to walk into some handmade stores and galleries and try and get my pieces on show, for sale. I'd love to have the confidence to do that! There's a sweet store on the high street that sells handmade things. But I'm too scared. I guess I can embrace this by taking a showcase of jewellery and going down there. There worst they can say is no, right?

2. Embrace The Late, Sleepless Nights

Cute little coffee cozys are just the thing for sipping hot starbucks on frosty mornings...these are by Flufftail. Visit her sweet shop *here*

Er, hello? I have a child! My little son will be three this week and he is still waking up super early, sometimes 3am, and telling me he needs to watch telly. I certainly can't get anything done during the day, with little curious fingers all over everything, so I always work, blog and list late, late, late. If I didn't embrace late nights, I wouldn't get anything done!

3. Speak The Language Of The Individual You Want To Become

...or let these fun earrings speak for you! These cuties are designed by CannyBelle and are available *here*

This aim really *speaks* to me. I've been trying to do this a lot to day. I think the biggest issue I have is with negative words and feelings. I seem more likely to broadcast negativity sometimes, and that is not the person that I want to be. Taking my cue from some of the more popular crafty blogs that I read, I've banished complaints, negativity and bad feeling towards people from my blog, twitter and facebook. Of course, it's easier when you can read what you are saying before you push it out there into the world...

4. Find A Mantra To Anchor And Guide You

Everyones favourite Barnowl Primitives. Buy this fun sign *here*

When I was 14, a group of mean girls made my school days really horrible. I felt like I didn't have anyone to turn to, so I took a book out of the library, a self help book. I can't remember what it was called, but one of the stages involved repeating 'It's All Going Wonderfully'

I still use that as my mantra when I am stressed or worried about something. It helped me to remember that there are bigger things in my life than a group of horrid girls. It helps me to feel positive about things, when I remember that I coped with that sad situation and came out fighting.

5. Always Stay Guided By Your Values, Not Your Necessities

Work out your values with a fun Blackboard brooch from *here*

I'm interpreting this Aim as being about not making as much money as you can by any means possible, but staying true to the core person and business I want to become. I had a hard decision recently, when working on SEO optimization for my shop. One particular word was getting LOADS of hits, but was a pretty tenuous link to my items. I knew that including it in my Meta tags would mean more traffic, but that people might come to my shop and be disappointed. I decided not to include the word, and stick to using keywords that accurately describe my shop. A tough decision, but the right one.

6. To Achieve Unreasonable Things, You Must Become An Unreasonable Person

Positive, Inspiring Art Print by HoneyBoo

Unreasonable to some is reasonable to others. I have 100 online friends who think that it's perfectly reasonable to aim to make a living from making and selling what you love. I can't say the same for my real life connections. I think many people already thing that I am an unreasonable person. Nevermind.

7. Become Hopelessly Idealistic About The Things That Make You Feel Alive

My son, creating, empowerment, independence, exploring, beautiful skies, stars, biscuits, craft supplies, being able to afford a takeaway, long drives. being a Mummy, having a long, lazy lie in, sparkles and glitter and fun and love...all make me feel alive.

I hope you have a lovely day, thank you for reading a little more about me. I'd love your opinions or links to your own inspiring bootcamp posts!

Katie x


BrandiH2007 said...

Great post! I've had a hard time with the 7 Lessons this week. I find them a little scary to be truthful. But your post has inspired me to face them head on. Now just to find some quiet time to do it. My little girl just turned 18 months this weekend plus I work a full time job. I think embracing the late nights will be a must!

sammysgrammy said...

Katie, i enjoyed your post about the 7 points. I love how you promoted others shops while describing each point with an inventive product choice. It was so entertaining and informative. His points are scary but that's what being un-comfortable is all about. I wish you had been at the virtual lab hosted by Cathy Filian. She had the same trembles but went into shops and galleries to present her creations and wouldn't take "no" for an answer. She just began to tell them why they needed and should have her product. In case you don't know her, she does have an etsy shop and has done a TV craft series.

Rita (sammysgrammy/etsy)

Tin Years Jewelry said...

nice post... fun to read about others adventures in this industry, especially since I am just now starting this up.

I like your product photography btw... I am experimenting with my background textures and colors for my product shots... take a look and let me know if you have any pointers...

take care.


Nadine said...

Wonderful words honey. Inspiring! X

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