Thursday, 21 October 2010

Etsy Holiday Bootcamp Week 4

The keyword lesson really got to me this week. I've had words going round my head for days. In the end I decided to show them to you like this:

The task was to come up with words describing your key customer base, your item keywords, and your business keywords. I found that some of the words overlapped one or two categories, and these are bigger on the tag cloud. I've used 'sweet' ' fun' and 'adorable' as my keywords in my shop (so, I've used them in every listing, every description and my shop sections)

Did you know that your shop section titles are used a metatags for google? I've worked on changing mine to all include at least one of my keywords this week. So, for example, I've changed 'Blackboard Pieces' to 'Fun Chalkboard Jewelry'.

I know, I've used the American spellings...but I figure I'll get more hits that way. I'm a traitor!

I've also changed 'Sew Lovely Collection' to 'Sweet Embroidered Jewelry' and 'Brass Pieces' to 'Brass Filigree Jewelry'. I'm hoping that these changes will really increase traffic to my shop. Something that I've seen already is I am currently the number one Google listing for Blackboard Ring, awesome or what??

The next stage of the bootcamp for this week is to update my Etsy profile. I don't think I've done that for a while, so it should be fun.

Meanwhile, why don't you stop by my shop?

Available *here*
All of my Brass Filigree pieces have 25% off right now, and I'm bashing out Gift Baubles like there's no tomorrow...I only have *8* more to last the whole Holiday season. I think they'll be a sell-out!

Gift Bauble (stuffed full of fun handmade jewellery!) available *here*

Do you have any offers on? I'd love to hear about them - I've started my online Christmas shopping already ;-)

Katie x

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