Friday, 10 September 2010

Folksy Friday

Happy Friday!

It's been a funny old week...I had my plaster cast off and now have a giant moonboot thing that I am meant to walk around it...except people keep giggling at me because it's giant and makes me look like I am half dressed for a spacewalk!

Anyway, I'm still going strong with the September Stars, listing a new item on both Folksy and Etsy every single day.

I'm featuring some more of the Stars in my Folksy Friday this week, stop by their shops and have a look at the lovely things they are listing all this month.

I love how this Folksy seller, AudreysCat, has set this shot up, and the fabric of these cushions is beautiful! Buy them here.

This citrine necklace is beautiful, and the beaded chain gives it a fun vintage twist. It's by Facets, and you can buy it here.

This sweet TTV card (through the veiwfinder) would be perfect for a tea-lover or vintage collector. It's by Gail Griggs - have a look here.

Don't forget to comment if you have stopped by - I love reading them :-)

Katie x


NOfkantsCurios said...

All yummy choices, would be happy being given any of those, but I adore the colour of Audrey's cushions!!!!

Natalie x

hannelore_cossins said...

Great stuff! Love the dreamy necklace.

Gemma said...

Great choices from fellow stars. Love the cushions!

Nic said...

Aww you need a t-shirt telling people to stop laughing at your foot ;)
I love the colour of the cushions and that card is ace...not because I have a thing for cups of tea of course ;)

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