Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Etsy Success Boot Camp *1*

I've joined the Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp!

The first newsletter is available here (it might not stay up forever)

There is a checklist of things to do, and I'm hoping that it's going to help me and my shop have a successful holiday season. Everyone knows that October and November are the best times for selling online, and I really hope to make the most of it, especially as I am off work for now.

I learnt about writing a mission statement from the Etsy talk I attended recently, you can read the write up here.

Mission Statement.

My creative micro-enterprise is remarkable because I think up unique ideas, like my Blackboard Jewellery, fun ways to reuse materials, like my Sew Pretty range of necklaces, and cute ideas for gifts, like my Gift Baubles. I believe there is a space in the market for adorable handmade jewellery that will make you stand out from the crowd - that doesn't come with a designer price tag.

My mission is to sell fabulous, great value handmade products for individuals, that make lovely gifts. I aim to provide stellar customer service, as expected from a small business that genuinely cares about each customer they have.

I want people to love the things that I make, look at my shop and want to make a purchase, and want to tell their friends where they got that fabulous bracelet.

Gift Baubles available now in my shop

I'm so excited to see where this Boot Camp can take me! Are you doing it too?

Katie x


Gemma said...

I'm not an etsy seller but sounds like a great idea. Love your baubles!!

daniellexo said...

So glad to see your rocking the boot camp! Get ready for tomorrow's checklist :D


(Karen) Lisa Daley said...

Hi! My dog Sky signed me up for the Etsy Holiday Boot Camp and we're both really excited about it. I can see though that we need to better our mission statement. Thanks for sharing yours and for the helpful link! We did post something on our blog, TheAnimalsMagicShop if you have time to look. Your jewelry is a smiler-maker for sure! Karen-Lisa and Sky

Danielle said...

Did you find your boot camp buddy yet?


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