Monday, 30 August 2010

Fussy Toddler Monday - Version Broken Foot

When I was 14 I got hit by a car and I broke my left leg. It was in plaster up to my hip for 6 weeks. Luckily, at the time, I had no responsibilities. It didn't feel very lucky - especially as I had also broke my arm and had to use a zimmerframe to get about, but I now realise that it was.

Because I broke my foot on Friday :-(

We took Little Man to Kidzone (one of those soft play thingys) and I didn't check before going down a slide - Mr Twinklyspangle was still at the bottom. Who hangs around the bottom of a slide? Seriously.
Anyway, I knew it was hurt but I carried on as normal, even going out for a drink in the evening, until I started feeling a bit faint and funny and my foot was killing me, so off we went to A + E...broken metatarsal.

Just about to get my leg put into plaster...and yes, that IS a cheeky McDonalds on the table. A gal needs her calories when her bones are broken.

Now I have a plaster cast up to my knee on my right leg. It would be alright...expect it's pretty hard carrying a toddler around on crutches! Luckily, for once, Mr. Twinklyspangle has stepped up to the plate and is taking charge of the day to day things, leaving me languishing on sofas and complaining in corners.

That's a splatter of red wine on the cast. Classy.

So as there isn't much creative cookery going on, since standing up for longer than 5 minutes makes me feel dizzy, I thought for this weeks Fussy Toddler Monday I'd just share a couple of links to places I have found inspiration for cooking for my little guy.

I love Annabel Karmel! I wouldn't buy her pre-packaged products as they can be quite high in salt, but her recipes are fab...this is one my my families favorites:

Moroccan Lamb

Cooking With My Kid is a great blog - loads of recipes that you can make with your little one, it's so fun to include your child in the making process, and they are much more likely to eat it if they have 'helped'. I love the look of this warm salad.

Warm Tortellini and Pesto Chicken Salad

I hope you find something lovely to make on one of these sites - in the meantime, I'm in the market for a new kitchen stool.!

Have a beautiful day!

Katie x

p.s Lots of lovely new things coming to my shops in the next few days, keep an eye on my twitter for updates!

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