Sunday, 8 February 2009

New Crafty Crush

Remember when I was obsessed with omglia? Well, I still think she is fab but she seems to have run off to have a 'real' life (I mean, really, how rude). So I have a new girly crush in the form of the most beautiful and interesting Kitschensink.
She makes funny pendants out of comic books that I adore, a really original take on the resin jewellery craze. She seems to be refusing to put them in her Etsy shop though - grrr.

She also makes fun heart rings and lego block jewellery - this snowflake ring is my fav because it's so cute, and obviously, since there seems to be no let up in the weather over here (it's snowing again!!) I might have to treat myself to one if she has one left.

I also love her new lockets on beaded chains, how cute and kitsch are these?

Anyway, I'm following all the useful forms of stalking that the Internet allows - twittering her, flickering her and peering continuously at her shop & blog.
In other news, I am feeling very unwell, I have a cold that I cannot shift, there is a bit of crap stuck in the lens of my Dad's digital camera that I can't seem to shift therefore cannot take any macro shots (please Easter Bunny bring me a DSLR - any old one will do). The baby is teething, the boyfriend has been off work most of the week with the snow and has spent all week shouting obnoxiously into his Xbox 360 headset and making me want to kill him. And it is my birthday today and I'm utterly skint.


Tizzalicious said...

I love her work!

I hope you'll feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you!!!!!!
Hope you feel better real soon. Nasty colds going round

KitschenSink said...

Ahh a crush that's so funny ha ha.

Thanks so much for this it's lovely! Happy birthday... tweet you soon :D

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